September 13, 2022

Frankie Flower’s Top Tips for Hiring a Landscaper

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Frankie Flower’s Top Tips for Hiring a Landscaper 

Is this the year you’ll create your incredible outdoor living space? Choosing the right landscaper for the job is essential. You want experienced, reliable professionals with a solid reputation and expertise in your specific project. 

Before you choose someone, you’ll want to do your homework, ask around, and interview candidates to find the perfect fit. 

1. Determine the scope of the job

Most contractors specialize in specific areas, so the best place to start is to define what the job entails. Are you looking for a deck or patio, stonework, a custom outdoor kitchen, a pool, or plant scaping? 

While they can hire out for areas that aren’t in their wheelhouse and will probably have a team on-site, starting with an expert in the essential elements is always a good idea. 

2. Know what type of landscaper you need

A landscape contractor can design and do the physical work on-site, but if you have an extensive project, you may want to consider starting with a landscape architect or designer. They will design the space, and the contractor will implement the plan. The right landscape architect should be able to save you money and time on a project, and some will provide project management services to oversee the project to make sure everything stays on track and within budget.

3. Ask for referrals from friends and family

When hiring a landscape contractor, the best place to start is to ask around for referrals. A professional who has done an incredible job working with someone you know is your best choice. Check-in with friends, family, and colleagues to see if they can give you a firsthand account of what it’s like to work with a specific company. 

4. Seek out an established company with a good industry reputation

Verify that they are a member in good standing of Landscape Ontario or an equivalent trade organization. Ask for a few trade or supplier references. Follow up and ask vendors what it’s like to work with them, if they pay their bills on time, and if they are reliable and trustworthy. 

5. Set an interview and ask questions

Most landscape contractors will expect you to get a few quotes. Once you narrow it down to a few top choices, set an interview to see who feels like the best person for the job. 

Questions to ask when interviewing landscape contractors: 

  • How long have they been in business?
  • Do they specialize in any specific areas? 
  • Do they hire out parts of the job to subcontractors? 
  • Do they offer any work guarantees?
  • Can they give you a cost estimate?
  • How long do they expect the project to take? 
  • Do they have project experience related to the job at hand? 
  • How do they approach a project? What steps do they go through? 
  • Do they have a portfolio of work you can see? 

6. Get Three Client References

Ask for three references from clients. Call them and visit their landscape if they allow. The final product is important, but you also want a feel for what it’s like to work with the landscaper. Ask if the contractor was on time and budget. Did they fix any problems promptly, and were they professional, courteous, and tidy when on-site?

7. Verify Insurance, Safety Requirements and Warranties

Get proof of professional and liability insurance and that they are in good standing with workplace compensation insurance. Confirm that the products and services come with a warranty. Read the fine print for terms and conditions, verify the length, and ask about any exceptions. 

Investing in professional landscaping can significantly improve your property value (and your quality of life!) Having the right professional on your side makes all the difference. Make sure you protect your investment and do your homework!Visit Landscape Ontario for more info on choosing the right landscaper for the job.

Good Luck!