September 14, 2022

How to Overseed Your Lawn – Frankie’s Tips for Thick Weed-Free Grass

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How to Overseed Your Lawn – Frankie’s Tips for Thick Weed-Free Grass 

There’s nothing quite like the feel of soft, lush grass between your toes. But creating that healthy lawn can be trickier than it sounds! If you’re looking to improve and thicken a lawn to beat out the weeds, overseeding is a great first step in the spring. 

Over-seeding improves the look and health of your lawn by filling in thin patches. Weeds will have a harder time finding space to take root in a thick, plush yard.  

When to Overseed Your Lawn 

The best time to seed is in spring (May – June) and early fall (Late August – September). Don’t start too early in spring because grass seed germinates best when soil temperatures are above 17° C (62° F). You can use a cooking thermometer to check the temperature before you start. 

Choosing the Perfect Grass Seed 

 The best grass seed for overseeding depends on the amount of sunlight your lawn receives. If your yard gets 6+ hours of direct sun, use a full sun mix. If you’re looking at less than 4 hours a day, morning sun only, or filtered light with overhead trees, choose a blend for shade. 

I always recommend a mixed grass seed such as Scotts Turf Builder.

Keep in mind that nothing grows well in the dark (except for mushrooms!), so if you have full shade, consider mulch?

How to Overseed Your Lawn in Spring 

  1. Rake and remove debris from the lawn. 
  2. If your ground feels compacted and hard underfoot, aerate to ensure nutrients and water are getting to the roots. (Aerating removes tiny plugs of compacted soil to improve circulation and airflow). 
  3. Top dress with good quality soil.
  4. Broadcast seed as per instructions on the bag, by hand or with a spreader.  
  5. Lightly rake with a fan rake to ensure proper contact with the soil. An ideal planting depth is just 2mm or (1/16 of an inch).      
  6. Water thoroughly, but don’t soak the ground. Aim for a happy medium, keeping your lawn consistently moist – don’t allow it to dry out, but don’t overwater either. 

How Often Should I Overseed My Lawn? 

When to overseed depends on the health of your grass. You can overseed throughout the growing season as necessary but avoid hot and dry weather as the seeds will have difficulty getting established.

Frankie’s Checklist for Successful Overseeding: 

Grass seed: Scotts Turfbuilder Overseed Mix (2-4-2) – A feed and seed all in one! 

For repairing patches: Scotts EZ Seed

Soil for topdressing (smaller areas, for large yards, bulk is best):  Scotts Enriched Lawn Soil

Overseeding your lawn in spring or fall is an essential step to growing thick, plush grass. For more tips on caring for your grass, check out (link to other posts).