September 14, 2022

Spring Gardening 101 – Frankie’s Top Tips to Get Your Garden Growing in Spring!

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Spring Gardening Checklist

We made it! The snow is gone, the sun is shining, and the temperature is rising. That means it’s time for spring gardening. I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to get growing. 

Early spring is the perfect time to protect your yard against potential problems and set yourself up for a successful gardening season. I hope these tips on how to prepare your garden for spring lead you to beautiful blooms all summer long. 

Frankie Flower’s Top Tips for Spring Gardening 

1. Clean and weed. 

Start your garden clean-up by removing leaves, last season’s annuals, vegetables, and herbs. Pay particular attention to any diseased leaves that could potentially spread to surrounding plants. Removing the dead foliage helps plants grow big and strong. 

Remove any weeds in your gardens, lawns, or walkways. Starting early and getting weeds under control in the spring will help diminish the spread. 

2. Prune and divide.

Prune any vines or shrubs that flower late in the season, as this year’s blooms will sprout on new growth. Be sure to use sharp pruners and disinfect with bleach if using them to remove any diseased branches. 

Early spring is also an excellent time to divide your perennials. 

3. Set your soil up for success! 

Beautiful gardens bloom from solid foundations. Plump up your soil with organic compost, manure, or a premium soil blend to help feed your plants all summer long. Adding extra soil to raise garden edges prevents the lawn from creeping in and plants growing out. 

4. Fertilize your lawn. 

Spring is also the perfect time to apply fertilizer and corn gluten on your lawn, to boost health and prevent weed seeds from germinating. I recommend Scotts Turf Builder used in early spring when the forsythia is blooming. After application, be sure to wait for six weeks before top dressing and sowing grass seeds. 

5. Prep for the season. 

Early spring is also the time to clean and prepare your gardening tools: 

  • turn on outdoor water taps 
  • tune up your irrigation system 
  • check for leaks and broken or misaligned spray heads 
  • sharpen lawn mower blades and pruning shears

6. Design and Plan. 

Great gardens don’t happen by accident. A big part of spring gardening is creating a plan for success! Spring is the perfect time to design your outdoor living space to make the most stunning gardens, healthy lawns, and space to grow your vegetables. 

Think about empty spaces that need filling, plants that need replacing, and what annuals and vegetables you’ll need this season. Keep growing restrictions and conditions in mind (light, soil type, hardiness zone, maintenance requirements), so you can choose the right plants for the right places. 

7. Get growing! 

Now that you’ve carefully chosen your plants be sure to check the last frost date in your area before planting. This date is meant for frost-tender plants such as tomatoes, peppers, or impatiens. But you’re good to go with frost-hardy perennials, shrubs, and vegetables that thrive in cooler temperatures. 

Remember to stretch and warm up your muscles before jumping into your spring gardening projects. And don’t forget the sunscreen! 

Grab your very own Frankie Flowers Spring Gardening checklist to set your gardens up for success. 

Happy gardening! 


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