January 6, 2023

Garden Trends 2023 – 6 Top Trends from Frankie Flowers

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Garden Trends 2023 – 6 Top Trends from Frank Ferragine

Garden trends for 2023 – what’s in store for us?! While we can’t be out in our gardens, we can still plan for warmer days to come! This year’s garden trends encourage you to create your very own natural haven. Things are always better in the garden! 

From growing our food to creating inviting spaces, gardening gives us roots to grow better environments, stronger communities, fresher food and happier people. Isn’t that just what we need after the last few whirlwind years?!

Garden Trend #1 – Vegetable Gardens & Garden to Table 

2022 was a challenging year for salad lovers! Romaine lettuce hit an all-time high. Canada’s Food Price Report 2023 predicts that food prices will continue to rise, with an average family of four spending $16,288.41 this year. That’s an increase of up to $1,065.60 from what we saw in 2022. 

One way to combat increasing prices is to grow your food at home. While you may not see huge savings in the first few years, every little bit counts. And adding a vegetable garden is rewarding in so many different ways! 

There’s something special about serving a meal with ingredients straight from the garden to your table. You can’t beat that freshness! It’s a chance to see firsthand what goes into growing what we eat. Studies show teaching our kids to grow fruit and veggies encourages them to eat a wider variety of foods. 

Bring this Trend to Your Garden  

Is this the year you’ll start growing your food at home? Food to Grow is full of ideas to get you started! Whether you go all out and create a whole veggie garden, or add a few pots of tomatoes, what matters is that you start!  

Garden Trend #2 – Container Gardening 

Container gardening is a cost-effective, flexible way to transform dull spaces into interesting places! Containers are perfect for smaller spaces, can be moved around and switched up with the seasons. With home ownership at an all-time high, rising inflation, and smaller property sizes, we’re all looking to create beautiful spaces without breaking the bank. 

Bring this Trend to Your Garden 

Whether you fill them with flowers, greenery, fruits, or vegetables, containers give you the freedom and creativity to change looks, themes and feels. Your options are limitless! Choose large containers with proper drainage, and use good quality soil specifically designed for potted plants. Pot it UP is full of my best tips to help you grow thriving containers. 

Trend #3 – Happy Colours! 

I’m going against popular thought here! I usually follow Pantone’s colour of the year, but I’m swaying in a different direction this year. For 2023 Pantone has chosen Vivid Magenta, said to “vibrate with vim and vigor. It is a shade rooted in nature descending from the red family and expressive of a new signal of strength. Viva Magenta is brave and fearless, and a pulsating color whose exuberance promotes a joyous and optimistic celebration, writing a new narrative.”  

While I agree with the messaging, I predict that bright, happy colours will burst into 2023. After years of despair, people will turn to yellows, pinks, purples and oranges to cheer up and inspire smiles! 

Bring This Trend into Your Garden 

You will see these happy colour trends in pots, plants, and home décor. There’s nothing like a bright and cheerful colour palette to cheer up a bland space. Heck, even if this trend doesn’t catch on, I want 2023 to be colourful!

Trend #4 – Gardening for Climate Change 

We are feeling the effects of climate change throughout the world. Locally, in Ontario, we’ve seen double-digit winter days, violent summer storms, and extended periods of drought. The west has continued to deal with forest fires; hurricanes have pounded the east. Weather is making headlines globally! 

Making environmentally friendly choices isn’t a trend but a necessity. Conserving water, saving energy, and using fewer pesticides are smart choices for our environments and communities. 

Bring This Trend into Your Garden 

Small changes can make a big difference. Switching out gas-powered mowers or garden tools for battery-operated ones lowers emissions. Planting trees helps cool our neighbourhoods and clean our air. Rain gardens help deal with flash flooding in urban centres. 

Garden Trend #5 – Retro Vibes

The ’70s are back! Vinyl is being spun on turntables across the globe; teenagers are tuning in to protesting, and vintage fashions are hitting the runways. Will shag carpets be next? After the last few years of neutral colours, we’re all ready for a change. A modern twist of the fun & funky vibes of the 70s might be just what we need. 

Bring This Trend into Your Garden 

If your daughter’s university apartment looks like you stepped back into 1972, don’t worry, she’s on trend!! Bring 70s colours into your garden and home with a mix of avocado green, sunset orange and earthy tones. Bring it inside with terra cotta pots, macramé hangers and spider plants.  

Garden Trend #6 – Garden Retreats!

Mental well-being should be a top priority in 2023! After years of isolation and changing times, we all know the importance of maintaining and improving our mental health. Studies show connecting with nature benefits our overall mood, helps us combat stress, and fills us with feelings of calm. Plants have healing properties! 

Bring This Trend into Your Garden 

Whether indoors or out, a garden retreat is a calming space that satisfies your sense of smell, sight, sound, touch, and taste. Imagine a place to sit surrounded by lush greenery and beautiful flowers, birds chirping, and the scent of jasmine in the air. Create a calming space to reflect, relax and meditate. 

2023 garden trends encourage us to get our hands dirty, surround ourselves with colour, eat freshly grown food, and slow down to appreciate all that Mother Nature has to offer! Trends come and go – some you may follow, some you will not. Just remember that anytime you are in the garden, you are doing yourself and your community good. 

Wishing you all an epic 2023! Let’s get dirty and grow together! 

– Frankie

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