February 1, 2024

Is the 2023 Volvo XC90 Recharge Frankie Flowers Approved?

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Sporty, Sustainable, Safe and Sophisticated – four words that describe me!  No I’m joking, but when I think of it, these four words are my criteria when I’m buying a vehicle.  I spend a lot of time driving.  I drive to downtown Toronto daily for work and then I run my boys to and from events. I speak all over the province and I love to go grocery shopping and to the garden centre. My car is the central hub to my life.  It transports the most precious cargo in my life – my children and me so I need to put thought into selecting a vehicle.  

Why Volvo? 

I’ve loved Volvo for decades.  It was one of my best friends, Chris Kitchen, who sold me on the brand back in the late 90’s.  His father was a previous owner of a Volvo dealership and Chris loved driving the vintage Volvos.  In 2004 he encouraged me to purchase my first Volvo, a 2004 XC90 wagon. I loved it, but beyond that it saved my life.  In 2006 I was rear ended on Highway 400 by a tractor trailer. The XC90 took the impact with confidence and not a scratch was seen on me.  Volvo had me for life.  In July, I jumped into my current Volvo, the 2023 XC90 Recharge. 


Volvo has always been known for safety, especially since they are the innovator of the modern 3 point seat belt. That’s why I’ve always loved them.  The XC90 Recharge, beyond seat belts, has adaptive cruise control, lane-keeping asset, blind spot monitoring, road sign information, 360 camera views and more.  This has earned it the highest Top Safety Pick+ award from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS).  On Safety – Frankie Flowers approved!!

Sophistication / Style:   

What I love about Volvo is the Scandinavian design – subtle, sophisticated and simply perfect.  My XC90 is damn sexy, but not the sexy that gets everyone looking. It’s the kind of sexy that brings quiet confidence and elegance. I chose a Platinum Grey exterior, with blacked out grills, 21” 8 spoke black diamond cut rims and an elegant uncluttered charcoal interior.  While stylish, my son would tell you the best thing about the interior are the front massage seats for both driver and passenger.  He never wants to leave.  


It comes with All-Wheel Drive and some horsepower – I mean a lot of horsepower.  When combined with its electric motors, the system produces 455 horsepower and 523 lb-ft of torque. My XC90 makes me feel like this Dad could confidently pass anyone – within reason of course.  The overall driver experience is fun, the look of the XC90 gives it an authentic outdoorsy  feel that suits any ski hill or valet parking space downtown.  


This is key in my life.  As a forecaster of weather for over two decades I know our environment needs change by individuals and I need to be one of those change makers.  The truth is I’m uneasy about going fully electric as my travels take me far and wide and often to remote locations where charging may be challenging.  

The XC90 Recharge is a plug-in hybrid (PHEV) meaning I have the ability to be sustainable (electric) with the confidence of having the backup of a fuel-based engine for larger trips.  My average battery range when fully charged is approximately 50km/h and while driving around town this is all I’ve needed, charging is easy at home with a standard plug (I haven’t invested in a quick charge yet) and I definitely have cut down on the consumption of gas!  

Sustainability for Volvo doesn’t end there – as a company they are on a mission for a sustainable future.  They have goals of all Volvo vehicles being fully electric by 2030 with great battery ranges.  As a company everything they do and every decision they make has sustainability as a criteria.  Volvo cares about the future and I want to be in a car that is made by a company that cares about the future and us.  

Final Thoughts: 

I’ve been driving the XC90 Recharge now for 6 months.  It’s met all my needs and more.  I have the space to go on any adventure with my boys and we have already done two road trips to Quebec for my youngest son’s ski training.  The XC90 has Google built in. I can ask for the scores of hockey games, local weather and even directions.  As I mentioned, massage seats have my boys not wanting to leave the XC90 even after a 4 hour drive.  I love driving electric, the quietness, the power, the hope for a better future by doing just a little more for the environment.  

The Volvo XC90 makes me feel confident, not only in my safety, but just how I feel when I pull into an event, the XC90 drips sophistication.  I love my XC90, I really do.  I must say it feels like a car built for Frankie Flowers – oh yeah, I did build it online and you can build yours too!!

Volvo XC90 Recharge you have my heart!!!

In partnership with Volvo.