September 13, 2022

Sexy Succulents – How to Care for These Easy & Beautiful Houseplants

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Sexy Succulents – How to Care for These Easy & Beautiful Houseplants

Succulents are one of the easiest plants to grow indoors! These low-maintenance beauties come in all shapes and sizes from 60 families with over 10,000 varieties. Ranging in colour from soft greens to blue, red, and pink, you’re sure to find one perfect for you. 

Let’s start by defining what makes a succulent – they have thick, fleshy tissue built for water storage. (Perfect if you often forget to water your plants!) You’ll find them in dry, arid conditions like deserts, making them naturally drought resistant. 

How to Care for Succulents Indoors 


Succulents don’t like wet feet, so be sure you don’t leave them sitting in water. I recommend the ‘soak and dry method. 

  • Start with a bone-dry succulent in a pot with proper drainage 
  • Soak the soil until water runs through the bottom of the container (or sit the pot in water until the top of the dirt is moist). Avoid watering the leaves as much as possible 
  • Let it dry out entirely before you soak it again 

The frequency will vary based on light, type of soil, and how actively your plant is growing, so keep an eye on it and water only when it’s completely dry. 


Succulents like lots of light! The ideal is a lovely bright room with a south or west-facing window. If you notice your succulent is leaning in one direction or looks leggy and stretchy, that can indicate not enough light. Consider a sunnier locale or rotate the pot, so a different side faces the sunshine. 


Give your succulents well-drained, light, porous soil. Regular potting soil is too dense and holds too much moisture, so choose a sandy mix designed especially for cacti and succulents. 

Succulent FAQs 

Are there any succulent varieties you recommend for complete beginners? 

Easy and interesting succulents to start with are aloe vera, jade, and echeveria. 

Do you have a favourite succulent? 

I love Flapjack, a beautiful variety with bright red tips on its leaves. (Keep away from dogs & cats – they are moderately toxic to pets) 

The flapjack succulent (Kalanchoe luciae) is also known as a ‘paddle plant’.

Is a succulent a cactus? 

While cacti are considered succulents, not all succulents are considered cacti. Cacti have small, cushion-like holes where hair, flowers, and pricks grow from; they have tough, thick skin and seldom have leaves. If a succulent falls into this category is considered a cactus. 

What are the ideal growing conditions for a succulent? 

Because succulents are desert plants, they like warm, dry growing conditions, well-drained containers, sandy soil and bright light. 

How do I plant succulents? 

Choose well-drained pots with sandy soil, or create a terrarium in a glass container with a mix of succulents and cacti, using moss, branches, or stones as accents. 

My succulent is dusty – how do I clean it? 

A soft cloth, paintbrush, or makeup brush will do the trick! 

Do I need to fertilize my succulents? 

Succulents don’t require much fertilizer – once or twice a year during their active growing season is all they need. A water-soluble all-purpose fertilizer works well. 


My favourite indoor plant food is the Miracle-Gro Indoor Plant Food

Should I mist my succulents? 

Because they are arid plants, succulents don’t require regular misting. 

Whichever succulents you choose, they’ll be sure to add a bit of interest and beauty to your home! 

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